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Coordination Group

The EIROforum Coordination Group is comprised of senior officials of the partner organisations.

Under the responsibility of the Chair, the Coordination Group oversees the day-to-day activities, the work of the thematic working groups and prepares the bi-annual meetings of the EIROforum Council.

Working groups

EIROforum maintains a series of Thematic Working Groups as well as certain ad-hoc groups. Within their mandate, the Thematic Working Groups propose and implement activities of interest to the EIROforum members, often in cooperation with external partners.

The main EIROforum Working Groups are:

The main tasks of the group are:

  • To provide early information about EC science policy initiatives
  • To provide assessments and advice for the EIROforum Council on these matters
  • To facilitate practical interaction between the EIROforum and the Commission, the European Parliament and its Committees, as well as other EU bodies of importance to EIROforum: preparation of written communication, personal interaction with EC officials, organisation of policy events, e.g. for the European Parliament.
  • To oversee the joint actions between EIROforum and the EC
  • To support communication and decision making processes within EIROforum by passing all relevant information to the Chair of the Coordination group for distribution to the other Working Groups and/or the EIROforum Council.

The group will facilitate exchange of information amongst the European Affairs representatives of the member organisations and promote the views of the EIROforum organisations, as defined by the EIROforum Assembly.

The eight intergovernmental organisations involved in EIROforum have extensive expertise in large infrastructures relying on high-technology instrumentation. In the general context of integrated instrumentation systems, the Instrumentation Thematic Working Group develops its activity around two main areas:

  • Exploring the fields of expertise of the EIROs, and identify areas where cooperation would bring clear added value.
  • Fostering an efficient information exchange across their organisations by means of specific and dedicated tools such as schools, workshops and databases. While large audience conferences are organised mainly according to disciplines (synchrotron radiation, fusion, astronomy etc.), these dedicated events will be built up to encourage more targeted networking within the EIROs.

The EIROforum IT Working Group coordinates and contributes to the initiation and development of IT projects within and across the EIROforum member organisations. It also contributes to the pan-EU development of IT via the formulation of the EIROforum position on research-related IT.

The IT Working Group coordinates common aspects ranging from IT security to coordinating licensing policies. Finally, it identifies and quantifies those aspects of the IT infrastructure (such as high-speed international and global networks) which are critical and common underpinnings of EIROforum IT initiatives so as to formulate strategic priorities and directions for long-term developments that will effect the research opportunities of the EIROforum organisations on a global scale.

The EIROforum Thematic Working Group on Innovation Management and Knowledge / Technology Transfer (TWG IMKTT) is a coordination platform aimed at enhancing the cooperation of the EIROforum organisations in the areas of innovation, knowledge, and technology transfer. Furthermore, it contributes effectively to the translation of the European research into tangible benefits for the European society. 

The IMKTT Working Group will explore European technology transfer best practices and innovations to boost European research and will explore new approaches for efficiently managing research marketing and technology transfer. Its goal is to uncover new ways to translate leading-edge scientific and technology research into innovative applications that will boost the economy for Europe and benefit its citizens.