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Information Technology

The eight EIROforum organisations all have one thing inherent to their work: Information Technology. Large IT infrastructures are used not only for research, but also for the development of large-scale structures, such as terrestrial and space telescopes, as well as high-energy physics facilities. Data processing and data handling is an integral part of the IT mandate of each organisation. The coordination of such efforts falls into the following four major categories:

  • The licensing of software. A coordination of software licenses at a European research level is imminent to ensure proper pricing schemes.
  • Security. The exchange and coordination of IT security is an integral part of each organisation’s existence. Experience on the level of IT security is regularly shared and implemented.
  • Exchange of expertise. Sharing expertise and experience in the IT domain amongst the EIROforum institutions is done on a regular basis.
  • Collaboration and cooperation on large projects to foster European excellence in specific IT areas. Several EIROforum institutions join forces to coordinate efforts in new technologies, such as Cloud-Computing for the benefit of all.

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