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8 November 2013
e-Infrastructure for the 21st Century

31 October 2013
EIROforum Response to the ERA Progress Report 2013

9 May 2013
Invest in instrumentation or fail to measure up (Article by Andrew Harrison on ResearchResearch)

4 February 2013
EIROforum Open Letter to Heads of State and Government and EU institutions’ heads

21 November 2012
Sustaining science funding in Europe: an open letter from the Directors-General of Europe’s eight largest research infrastructures

1 November 2012
Scientific Instrumentation for the EU Framework Programme (Horizon 2020) | Position Paper

November 2011
Joint EIROforum/ERF Proposal for a new mobility scheme for European RIs
EIROforum response to the ERA Framework Consultation

May 2011
Response of EIROforum to the EC Green Paper ‘From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation funding’

January 2011
Towards the Next Framework Programme for Research, Technology and Innovation – EIROforum Position Paper on FP8

March 2010
Establishing New Research Infrastructures in Europe – The EIROforum Experience| Position Paper

September 2007
EIROforum’s Response to the Green Paper “The European Research Area: New Perspectives”

15 November 2006
Statement of Support for the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers adopted by the European Commission

6 April 2005
EIROforum comments to the European Commission’s Proposal for the 7th Framework Programme | Position Paper

Towards a Europe of Knowledge and Innovation: World-class research as the centrepiece of knowledge-based economy

28 October 2003
Article III-146 and the role of research in the draft treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe Letter to Ministro Franco Frattini

25 September 2003
Response of the EIROforum to the draft report of the European Research Council Expert Group

24 June 2002
Convention Européenne Session plénière “société civile”

13 June 2002
Safeguarding Scientific Culture: A Contribution from EIROforum Contribution to the European Convent Forum