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14 March 2018
Additional Simplification of EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation | Position Paper

24 November 2017
EIROforum Position Paper on the Next Framework Programme “FP9” | Position Paper

20 November 2017
How EIROforum could contribute to the European Open Science Cloud | Position Paper

25 April 2017
The Federated Scientific Data Hub | Proposal

17 May 2016
European Innovation Council | Position Paper

24 November 2015
A European Science Open Cloud | Position Paper

13 October 2015
The sum of its parts | Interview with the EIROforum Coordination Group

25 March 2015
Long-term sustainability of Research Infrastructures | Discussion Paper

8 December 2014
e-Infrastructure for the 21st Century – one year later

8 November 2013
e-Infrastructure for the 21st Century

31 October 2013
EIROforum Response to the ERA Progress Report 2013

9 May 2013
Invest in instrumentation or fail to measure up (Article by Andrew Harrison on ResearchResearch)

4 February 2013
EIROforum Open Letter to Heads of State and Government and EU institutions’ heads

21 November 2012
Sustaining science funding in Europe: an open letter from the Directors-General of Europe’s eight largest research infrastructures

1 November 2012
Scientific Instrumentation for the EU Framework Programme (Horizon 2020) | Position Paper

November 2011
Joint EIROforum/ERF Proposal for a new mobility scheme for European RIs
EIROforum response to the ERA Framework Consultation

May 2011
Response of EIROforum to the EC Green Paper ‘From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation funding’

January 2011
Towards the Next Framework Programme for Research, Technology and Innovation – EIROforum Position Paper on FP8

March 2010
Establishing New Research Infrastructures in Europe – The EIROforum Experience| Position Paper

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