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EIROforum at ESOF 2016 – Looking back

EIROforum is a network of eight European Intergovernmental Research Organisations (EIROs) set up to support European science in reaching its full potential. The disciplines covered range from particle physics, space science and biology to fusion research, astronomy, neutron and photon sciences. The organisations included in EIROforum are: CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, EUROfusion, European XFEL and ILL. By combining facilities and resources, EIROforum exceeds the research potential of the individual organisations, achieving
world-class scientific and technological excellence in interdisciplinary fields. EIROforum works closely with industry to foster innovation and to stimulate the transfer of technology.

At the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), EIROforum was present to showcase the science, technology, business, career and cooperation opportunities that come from pooling together resources from large European research organisations.

EIROforum was delighted to attend ESOF, which represents a key European event for science and innovation. ESOF is the ideal venue for us to demonstrate how our organisations have a positive impact on society.

In the “Big, small and fast nature” science session, our experts discussed how we use the EIROforum research infrastructures to work towards an understanding of nature and the Universe, when revealed at their largest, smallest and fastest scales.

Beyond the fundamental science, this year’s themes of Healthcare, Sustainability and Materials were particularly relevant to us and were showcased with examples at our stand, which was organised by our dedicated working group on Innovation Management. The stand focused on the many technologies, spin-offs and industry opportunities that our organisations are involved in. Our knowledge and technology transfer activities extend beyond these themes in a broad range of domains. These technologies were presented at exhibition hall events on Healthcare, Improving Society, and Business Opportunities, as well as a session on “Creating Local Business Value from European Big Science Facilities”.

EIROforum is built on the scientific and technological capital of our research organisations, which is only possible thanks to the qualified international human capital that contributes to it. In order to encourage and nurture the next generation of professionals, EIROforum is dedicated to promoting its activities and our Human Resources session at ESOF explained how others can take part.

ESOF attracts leaders in industry, research, technology, science, journalism and policy. This is exactly the right mix that accelerates the innovation process which benefits all of society. The large number of ESOF participants, and the broad range of their backgrounds gives us access to an invaluable network of thinkers dedicated to innovation.

Download the ESOF summary statement as a PDF