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Weighing in on European Research Infrastructures

EIROforum, the unified platform for eight European organisations, forms the backbone of fundamental science research in Europe. It has published a paper to elucidate its stand on European Research Infrastructures (RIs).  In the paper titled “European Research Infrastructures: Value, Role and Support in Horizon Europe,” EIROforum emphasises that the RIs “are pivotal in sustaining and enhancing the competitiveness and world-class excellence of the European science.”

The position paper clearly lays out arguments in favour of increasing the support to the RIs beyond the proposed budget of € 2.4 billion in the next framework programme, Horizon Europe, which will run from 2021 to 2027.

The paper states that strong support for European RIs  is essential as they:

  • Harness scientific expertise that drives discoveries and knowledge creation;
  • Offer access to researchers from Europe and beyond to the best and in some cases, unique state-of-the art, facilities based on excellence alone;
  • Enable integration of research communities from all countries in Europe;
  • Maintain the world-class excellence of European science

In addition, the paper emphasises that the European RI’s are key drivers transferring knowledge and technologies from research settings to industries and the society.

The paper can be downloaded here.

Paper conclusion: In order to support the world-class excellence of European science, to enable European RIs to stay at the forefront of their science and technology fields, and to provide direct and indirect benefits for European industry, society and economy, the RI programme in Horizon Europe should be funded at an adequate level, with a budget increase with respect to H2020 commensurate with the overall budget envelope of the new programme.