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EIROforum statement on UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development 2020

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There is a growing understanding that the challenges we face as a society require a globally concerted response, encompassing all aspects of human endeavour. The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as climate change, pollution, and the collapse in the Earth’s biodiversity due to human activity, all highlight the importance of working together and demanding collaboration at all levels of society.

One of the core foundations on which this global response must be built is scientific and technological knowledge. This knowledge is a tool for empowerment of citizens around the world, enabling informed decisions regarding politics, health, our environment, and other issues. It will allow us to build an inclusive society and a sustainable future, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve this, the science developed for society must be put to proper use by society. It is thus encouraging that Science for and with Society has been chosen as the theme of UNESCO’s World Science Day for Peace and Development 2020.

The members of EIROforum – a network of eight European intergovernmental research organisations set up to support European science in reaching its full potential – strongly support this initiative. Everything we do within our organisations is driven by the commitment to push the limits of knowledge and thus better the lives of people and preserve our planet. Our strong, deep relationships with the international scientific community promote the sharing of knowledge among scientists and with society, so that this knowledge can be used to support decisions and actions made by policymakers and governments. This holds true whether it concerns the inner workings of our world at the elementary or cosmological level, the discovery of new material properties for innovative technologies, practical insight into the intricacies of biological systems to fight diseases, or other challenges.

By bringing together people from all horizons and offering them the opportunity to collectively advance our knowledge at the highest level, we continue to bring a better quality of life to everybody. We can come together to improve scientific debate and technological development, to the benefit of both humans and the planet we live on.

All EIROforum member organisations are fully aware that the successful accomplishment of this important mission entrusted to us requires working closely with the worldwide communities of scientists to solve global challenges, together.