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EIROforum represented at ICRI 2018

Tony Donné at ICRI 2018
Tony Donné at ICRI 2018.

The International Conference for Research Infrastructures 2018 is being held in Vienna from the 12 to 14 September and EUROfusion Programme Manager Tony Donné is there representing EIROforum in his capacity as the current EIROforum Chair.

At the plenary session held on 12th September, Donné gave an insight into the nature of EIROforum and how it plays an important role in setting the research policy agenda. “The EIROforum organisations have decades of collective experience in the design, establishment, construction, operation and upgrade of major international Research Infrastructures,” he said. He pointed out that the EIRO members have played a central role in shaping the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap and continue to use their know-how and experience to facilitate ESFRI development.

Donné also emphasised on that the research infrastructures provide excellent training opportunities for young researchers, for engineers and for technical staff. Moreover, the Big Science projects such as the Large Hadron Collider, the Extremely Large Telescope, the International Space Station, the European XFEL etc. have already started showing direct, positive impact on society through spin-off technologies. “Research impacts society down to the individual level and changes the life of many to the better,” he said in the concluding statement.

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The aims of ICRI 2018 include providing a forum for strategic discussion on international cooperation for research infrastructures at global level and highlighting the essential role of research infrastructures in addressing global challenges and contributing to sustainable development goals. Read more: ICRI website

Follow the live stream of the event: https://www.icri2018.at/#stream