Science Policy

EIROforum Science Policy

The EIROforum partner organisations constitute an essential pillar of the European Research Area. Within their respective scientific disciplines, the partner organisations play a decisive role, both with respect to enabling world-class science to be undertaken, but also as a central and structuring element for organising the research activities at a European level.

Historically, the EIROforum partner organisations have emerged as solutions to needs and desires by active scientists across Europe, thus in a way acting as "scientific grass-roots movements", albeit cast in an intergovernmental framework which has given the organisations long-term stability to develop their ambitious scientific and technological programmes that have made them world-leaders within their respective areas of scientific inquiry.

While firmly based in Europe, the partner organisations have numerous links and relations to institutions and countries outside of Europe. The EIROforum organisations thus represent an “Open Europe” in science.

The unique character of the EIROforum organisations and of the partnership itself makes EIROforum an important actor as the European Research Area continues to develop and EIROforum has contributed to this process by means of policy papers and topical statements as well as participation at conferences and meetings, etc. over the years.

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